A Stock and Commodity Brokerage Back-office System
BackConnect is designed to facilitate the stock and commodity brokers. It handles multiple tasks efficiently such as order processing, managing stocks and commodities, handling money transactions, and keeping track of investments.

We are the pioneers of comprehensive back-office solutions that have assisted multiple banks and brokerage houses within Pakistan and Africa. For over 20 years, our solution has stood out amongst the best with its flexible architecture. It allows adding support to new exchanges with a minimum of alterations. It provides a dynamic end-to-end solution to brokerage houses with interfaces to trading, depository, and clearing and settlement systems.

Feature Highlights

Multi-currency & multi-venue trading
Money Market (MM) System
Leverage Market

Regulatory Compliance

Fixed Income Securities (FIS)
Integrated GL

AML, Black List Screening
Transaction Monitoring System
Role-based access controls
Post/Pre-Trade Risk Management

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Our Achievements

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Daily trade transactions
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Local and international brokerage houses
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Clients across brokerage houses
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Back Office and Front Office Features
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Trading Terminal

This module refers to a smartphone application designed to serve as a trading platform for stock and commodity brokers. It provides users with access to real-time market data, order placement, portfolio management, and other trading-related activities directly from their smartphones.


It handles various aspects of brokerage operations, including client onboarding, account management, order execution, commission calculation, and client relationship management.


This module encompasses the core functionality of order placement, execution, and management within the brokerage system. It includes features such as order routing, order matching, trade confirmation, and real-time market data integration.


The settlement module handles the post-trade processes related to the settlement of securities transactions. It includes functionalities for trade confirmation, clearance, and settlement of trades, as well as reconciliation of transactions with clearinghouses and counterparties.


This module manages the custody of securities held on behalf of clients by the brokerage firm. It includes functionalities for the safekeeping of client assets, record-keeping of holdings, income collection, corporate actions processing, and reporting.

Financial Management

The financial management module handles various financial aspects of brokerage operations, including accounting, budgeting, financial reporting, and liquidity management.

Risk Control

The risk control module is responsible for identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks associated with trading and brokerage activities. It includes functionalities for risk monitoring, limit setting, exposure management, and compliance with risk management policies and regulations.

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