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/ Utilizing IOT for caretakers

Zigbee enabled wireless gadgets to detect diaper wetness of patients and signal the nursing station when the diaper needs to be changed.

The built-in sensors intelligently detect fall events and signal the caretaker for assistance.

A complete nursing home management system that enables nursing homes to keep a complete record of patient information including personal information, medical history, insurance information, and contact details. It not only keeps a record of observations and services performed on each visit but also manages nursing home activities including patient monitoring, caregiver scheduling, and medication.

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Feature Highlights

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/ Unit Management

/ Daily Net Asset Value Calculation

/ Comprehensive Brokerage Back Office system

/ Fully Integrated GL

/ Portfolio Management

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/ Feature Highlights

A complete solution for investment management and tracking, portfolio valuation, accounting, and investment reporting for all types and sizes of funds.

/ Finance

Back Connect

Backconnect is a functionally rich stock & commodity brokerage back-office and trading system designed to...

/ Finance

Invest Connect

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