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/ Revolutionizing the way you use Social Media

WorldNoor is our next-gen social media platform owned by Posh Enterprises, with technological expertise and development provided by Softech Systems. It is designed to revolutionize the way you use social media, while also prioritizing privacy and respecting your opinions.

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Core Features

/ Share and Grow

/ No Limits

/ Make new connections

/ Reach your circle group

/ Go live

/ Platform Agnostic

/ Newsfeed

/ What We Do

WorldNoor is your gateway app to finding friends, exploring exciting events, following the news, endless options for social media marketing and much more. It empowers you to speak, understand and converse with people without sharing a common language.

/ Our Partner

Posh Enterprise is an advanced technology, product development and services company headquartered in California, USA focused on advancing the state of the art in Social Media and Digital Media applications. As an innovative provider of comprehensive technology solutions, with a strong team of professionals, Posh strives to deliver the highest levels of product quality and value, global customer satisfaction and service to our employees, investors and the communities in which we operate.

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