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/ Digitizing the traditional school management systems

OgoulEMS is an online educational platform owned by Posh Enterprises, developed by Softech Systems. It aims to digitize and streamline traditional school management systems. With OgoulEMS, schools can efficiently manage operations and facilitate online classroom learning.

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Core Features

/ Super Admin Portal

/ School Admin Portal

/ Teacher Portal

/ Student Portal

/ Parent Portal

/ Proctor Portal

/ Newsfeed

/ What We Do

OgoulEMS is an internet-based resource, e-learning, and classroom management solution developed for online education. It has built-in tools and resources that can simplify learning management systems and enhance teaching. These tools help teachers and administrators in managing their tasks easily. It also enhances the learning process by providing clarity in instructions and access to e-learning content. OgoulEMS enhances the visibility of operations to all the stakeholders, including parents enabling a complete ecosystem of an online academy.

/ Our Partner

Posh Enterprise is an advanced technology, product development and services company headquartered in California, USA focused on advancing the state of the art in Social Media and Digital Media applications. As an innovative provider of comprehensive technology solutions, with a strong team of professionals, Posh strives to deliver the highest levels of product quality and value, global customer satisfaction and service to our employees, investors and the communities in which we operate.

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