Crafted for an Amazing Virtual Meeting Experience

Mizdah is the answer to all your collaboration needs, providing a high-quality audio-video meeting platform for corporate, educational, personal, and family get-togethers. Mizdah is built for you, and at every stage during the development process, engineers make decisions based on how it’ll improve your experience and that of other users worldwide.

1- Safe and Secure

If there’s one thing that the team does not compromise on, it is your safety and security in this astounding community. On this platform, security, safety, and data protection have been tuned up to do max and the team has worked hard to ensure that you are always 100% secure and in control of your experience on this app.

A big part of the Mizdah experience is putting the power back in the hands of users, and when you’re on this platform, you can rest assured that you’re in charge of your experience, and we’re actively working with you to help preserve your right to data privacy.

2- Multi-Device Functionality

Mizdah understands the importance of multi-device functionality, that’s why if you make the switch to this amazing platform, you can begin conversations on your Windows laptop and end them on your iPhone. In this day and age, cross-platform functionality is not a luxury, it’s a must-have. Mizdah has your back when it comes to ensuring that you’re always connected, no matter how many devices you may make use of.

Feature Highlights

  • Fully encrypted meeting channel gives you peace of mind
  • Password protected highly private meeting
  • Schedule meetings in your preferred time zone
  • Set duration of meeting
  • Control privacy of your meeting to avoid unwanted guests
  • Beautiful whiteboard for brainstorming sessions
  • Multiple admins can control a meeting
  • Meeting recordings on your computer saves cloud cost for you

Core Features


Exceeds your expectations; every time

Next Level Security

Protected with multi-level security framework

Exciting Features

A complete meeting solution with a variety of features

Easy To Use

Effortless and smooth to use, without any training.