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/ Simple and Secure Communication with Real-time Translations!

Owned by Posh Enterprises, KalamTime is a messenger app developed by Softech Systems. Our goal is to redefine communication by providing a multilingual, secure, and reliable instant messaging service. With KalamTime, you can stay in touch with people worldwide, even if you speak different languages.

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Core Features

/ Chat it out

/ Assured Security

/ Prevent Fake News

/ View status of seen receipts

/ Blocking

/ Build it up beyond boundaries

/ Unlimited Purpose-based groups

/ HD Quality Audio and Video Calling

/ Limitless Sharing

/ Record the audio with one click

/ Unlimited Purpose-based groups

/ Control what happens to your messages

/ Be Invisible

/ What We Do

KalamTime brings to you the best features to engage in meaningful conversations, in your native language. Chats and voice/video calls on KalamTime can be transcribed securely in 120 languages to empower virtual communication. Features like a mega group call, voice-to-text, text-to-voice displays, and real-time language translation make KalamTime one of the best messenger apps today.

/ Our Partner

Posh Enterprise is an advanced technology, product development and services company headquartered in California, USA focused on advancing the state of the art in Social Media and Digital Media applications. As an innovative provider of comprehensive technology solutions, with a strong team of professionals, Posh strives to deliver the highest levels of product quality and value, global customer satisfaction and service to our employees, investors and the communities in which we operate.

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